May 4, 2017

Here we are! Today is Wednesday May 3 2017, and Elliot is 6 days old. He was born at 10:33pm last Thursday. Here is his birth story!

Last Wednesday night I couldn't sleep. Something felt different. I ate an entire pineapple that day, and in the night I felt energized, n...

April 25, 2017

Woah!! 38?? I'm bewildered myself! Unlike last week, I feel like I have an abundance of energy now! Yesterday especially. Usually going to Cranbrook to grocery shop takes it out of me - but yesterday on top of shopping, I made two soups, dinner, and still felt like I n...

April 19, 2017

Sunday marked 37 weeks for us. Full-term! That means if we were to have him today we wouldn't have to wait to take him home - which is all we know, after having Penelope at 34 weeks. Although we had a relatively short stay in the NICU, not taking our baby home after de...

April 11, 2017

36 Weeks is another big milestone. After 36 weeks, we can deliver in Fernie. The hospital is 950m away from our house, and our birth doctor is an awesome woman we both like (and she came to my spin class too!) - so it is great news to know we are good to go! Baby is ma...

April 4, 2017

I woke up this morning and out the window, I could see the ski hill was illuminated by the morning sun, and around that mountain was clear blue sky. It gives me immediate energy and happiness seeing LIGHT. It's been a long wet/snowy winter in Fernie, so seeing signs of...

March 29, 2017

This past Sunday would have been the day I delivered Penelope last year. 34 weeks pregnant exactly. For almost the entirety of my pregnancy with our son, I haven't carried worry about delivering early, or anything for that matter. The couple days leading up to being 34...

March 21, 2017

2 tbsp olive oil

1 small onion (peeled and chopped)

3 large carrots (peeled and chopped)

3-5 celery sticks (chopped)

1 tbsp cumin

1 tbsp curry powder

1 tbsp turmeric 

2 900mL of stock (I am using 1 vegetable broth, 1 beef broth - chicken is great too)

2 cups of red lentils (ri...

March 21, 2017

He flipped! Last week I wrote about being breech, feeling his big round head hanging out in my ribs non-stop. Upon recommendation of my doctor, I went swimming. I slowly swam around 16 lengths (mostly using a flutter-board), and gently moved my body so that my belly wa...

March 14, 2017

Funny thing about this post. I had intended it to be the 30 week post. I had started the blog a couple weeks before 30, but here are - March 13, 2017; I am 32 weeks pregnant. That's okay though! I feel good to have a reflection space, but I won't use it as a self-depre...

March 14, 2017

Make homemade Chicken Soup using full chicken carcasses and bones. So delicious!

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