I used to be known for burning my sweet potato fries. Every time - somehow - I would burn and ruin the one-ingredient dish. I always loved food, but I didn't always care about cooking, or even nourishing my body. 

My mom always cared. She was always fearless in trying new recipes; clipping magazines and saving them (still does to this day), and making new dishes all the time. Always with the intention of making healthy, and diverse food. She is a huge source of inspiration for health, food, style and parenting.

I went away for my first year of university, and made eating Oreos by the row my normal Tuesday night. It didn't take long for my body to put those Oreos to good use on my stomach and legs. When I came home, I was motivated to eat well and workout to get back to my healthy self.


I went through waves of being really strict, and then eating poorly from age 19-23. It wasn't until I met Mark, and started teaching spin where I released the need to control, and limit myself. Mark's philosophy was mostly "If you body is telling you to eat it, then eat it. Just be active and listen to your body." It's much more enjoyable to eat food that feels good and tastes good in moderation, and moving your body when you can - rather than limiting and subtracting in your life.

This past winter has been especially sedentary for Mark and I (Mark fully ruptured his achilles, and I stopped spinning/working out at 18 weeks). Our natural state is being active 3-7 times a week. From spin classes and co-ed volleyball, to long walks in the neighbourhood and hikes in the mountains - we love to be active. We look forward to the spring when we are recovered and our son is out in the world so we can get back to our normal selves!

Staying in this Winter also allowed more time to cook and learn my way around the kitchen. Something I was absolutely skill-less in before. I've learned a general 'formula' to many foods and dishes I prepare, and it's been an incredible year of growth.  Learning to cook and nourish myself and my family has contributed to my well-being and self-esteem so much. I'll share what has helped me, and what I love to cook when I can.

Not every meal is good, but the ingredients are. So even if it tastes just okay, I know it's still good for us. But I'm getting there! Making things better every time (I hope)!

Be gentle on yourself! Try, try, try again.


Be good to your body, it's the only one you get. 


Share the good.

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