Ever since I had conscious thought, I wanted to be a mom. One of the desires in my life that never changed or faltered. Two months into dating Mark, I knew he was the one, and knew I wanted to have kids with him.

The first time we found out we were pregnant was January 2015. Mark had already asked my dad for his blessing in our marriage, and we had a positive pregnancy test. I was all over the place - so excited because it was what I always wanted, but I was so nervous and scared at the same time. We went to our first ultrasound at 12 weeks and found out that the baby stopped growing somewhere around 7 weeks. We were devastated and shocked. I had a D&C a week later. I cried everyday, sometimes for hours, for months. 


In that time, I was in my final semester of my Information Design, and we also decided would move forward and plan our wedding for that September. 

I hated waiting for time to pass, and to trying not to get pregnant, so a couple months later we 'pulled the goalie' and got pregnant. Eight and a half months after that, Penelope came into the world! 


Being pregnant is so many things. It's not one emotion, because your body changes everyday, so your emotions change everyday! The first trimester is a sensitive time for everyone. I find it slow and surreal, but at the same time magical, exciting and hopeful. Overall, I love being pregnant! My pregnancy with Elliot was longer and bigger - but the only thing that made it harder was still being a mom to a less than 1 year old! Also caring for my injured non-walking husband for a few months that winter was tough too... Let's just say I am so happy we are on the other side. Two happy healthy kids! I couldn't be more grateful. My body is so different, and much more after a second birth, but I am learning to love it more every day. I have deep stretch marks on my body but I wear them with pride. Pregnancy is no easy short feat. For any mom who has gone through it, is going through it, or yet to go through it - love and strength to you! You got this! 

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