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Ah yes, the first blog post. I will look back on this post one day with all the wisdom and knowledge of making a blog, and living a life and think of this simpler time. Nonetheless, I am proud of myself for just. Starting. Many friends and followers have asked for a blog, or a place for me to follow-up with more depth; whether that be a recipe, more photos, a place to see and inquire about my design work, or a better description of what's going on in our life. That is my goal: realness, depth, honesty, and sharing what I love.

I think there is a lot of speculation and judgement about social media, sharing, and the internet in general. I still have my own unwritten rules for what is too much to share, but I choose not to live in fear. I think the world is a better place if we share our knowledge, our happiness, and our thoughts. I think that is the world I want to live in. Where people can be who they want to be, get answers they are searching for, and to connect.

My life is constant trial and error. Whether we are trying something new with parenting Penelope, or making a new dish - it's not perfect every time. If it's a good recipe, I will share ("Share what you love" is my philosophy). But I make crappy food too. I will be honest, but I also want this to be a mainly positive source, and not a complaint room.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you happiness today and everyday!


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