32 Weeks

Funny thing about this post. I had intended it to be the 30 week post. I had started the blog a couple weeks before 30, but here are - March 13, 2017; I am 32 weeks pregnant. That's okay though! I feel good to have a reflection space, but I won't use it as a self-depreciation tool if I don't post as often as I'd hoped.

What does 32 weeks feel like? It feels big! I am tired often and easily. I have to catch my breath if I talk for more than 20 seconds straight. I prefer not to pick things up off the floor, so I either leave it there, use my foot, or wait for Mark to pick it up. My ribs feel a lot of pressure, and more so if I am sitting more in the day. It's been so snowy in Fernie, so walking is minimal. We are in the final 20% of this pregnancy and we are so excited! With that in mind, we have an awareness of our previous pregnancy with Penelope; she came at 34 weeks due to membrane rupture. To think we are just 2 weeks away from that time is bizarre. I truly feel like he will stay comfy and happy until a sweet birth at 39 weeks. April 30 is my guess... Other than some soreness/stiffness - it's been awesome. I sleep great, and feel his big head all the time - yes, his head is upright, which isn't ideal for birth, but we have a few more weeks until it is something that needs any type of 'aid', so we are hoping he just flips on his own time.

32 Weeks has come quickly with Penelope running around. Her curiosity, strength and mobility are increasing hourly - and keeping up with her takes most of my attention. I love it, though. She is fascinating to watch, and I can't help but laugh all the time. Her expressions and way of discovering her world are hilarious and amazing. It's like the best TV show is in front of me all the time. 5/5 Viewers agree.

Our plan is to stay home for all but one weekend before our son is due. It's amazing how much we have driven to Calgary in the last 7 months... We love our visits always, but the time to rest and take it easy on weekends like most people gets really eaten up when we are on the GO GO GO GO next visit, next dinner, next drive. So that being said, we are really looking forward to some quiet family nesting time before our son comes!

Lots of meals to make and prep, getting his room and our house ready, and resting. Mark painted both the kids rooms while I was away, so I am stoked to get his room together!

I'll end the post with some gratitude!

- Our adventure vessel: we got a van! Omg you heard it, I am a van person. I said bye to my 'cool Alex in her 20s white Jeep', and said hello to the Family Fun Function Unit!!!! Hahahah. I love it though. It will be so great for trips to Calgary with two kids, and camping in the summer! #VANNATION (Mark's hashtag)

- The snow is melting in Fernie! I know we aren't out of the season yet, but feeling positive degrees feels goooooood - Being home. With all our trips to Calgary, it keeps a constant gratitude for our cabin home every time we return. So cozy, so quiet, so nice. - BACH tomorrow! We have ladies come over and watch (Mark included). Tomorrow is the finale and WE PUMPED. Half my excitement comes from the snacks we eat. - Being able to write this post while P naps. I put it on the list of things to do for Me. It feels nice to reflect, create, and share.

Sending love from the mountain town!


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