35 Weeks

I woke up this morning and out the window, I could see the ski hill was illuminated by the morning sun, and around that mountain was clear blue sky. It gives me immediate energy and happiness seeing LIGHT. It's been a long wet/snowy winter in Fernie, so seeing signs of Spring perk me up so much - I know it will be a good day! That being said, weather changes fast so I wanted to make sure I started writing this while the skies were clear and sun was beaming. After a weekend away, our house is a disaster for a couple days. Since 20ish weeks (right after Xmas), I was getting a fair bit of Braxton Hicks Contractions, so I had to slow down, carry less, rest more. The BHC went away, but as I get bigger, I literally can't do as much. I'll be out of breath, get a BHC, or just know that I shouldn't push my body - which is why things take a lot longer to clean/prepare/put away. I know normal body Alex could do it all in a day - which is why it's frustrating to just look at what needs to be done and not do it hahaha. Mark is a huge help, but we need connection and relax time too when he is home. It will get done!

We celebrated Penelope's birthday in Calgary with Family, and it was so sweet! Saturday was her actual birthday and we had a Dory themed party. Trish (my step-mom) went above and beyond on the decorations and snack - see pictures - it was adorable. I put on her party dress and tutu and I think she knew it was a special day. Balloons, things on the walls, more people, a fancy outfit - she knew. She happily played and clung to anyone who wanted to engage with her, she enjoyed opening presents, seeing dogs, and eating goldfish. The 'cake smash' was really anti-climactic as she poked it with her finger and didn't eat anything. Mark tried to put icing in her mouth, and she just coughed dramatically. Maybe she's more of a savoury gal... The day before was really special, too. She opened a couple gifts from her grandparents - one of them was a baby doll. No one had any expectation of how she would react - but it was one of the sweetest things any of us had ever seen. The moment she saw her baby, she did her happy boppin', and when I put the baby in her hands and said 'give her a kiss', she went crazy and open mouth kissed her whole face, and felt so happy and proud to have her own BABY! My heart sung. I've heard of other moms of daughter's, and how much they enjoy having their own baby to care for and 'nurse' while the mom is actually nursing and taking care of a real baby. I think it will be nice when I am caring for our son, and I can say 'go get your baby and care for her!'. I just saw how sweet her heart was and I know how much she will love her brother. Her party was in the afternoon, and since Mark and I don't get out much, we seized the moment to have dinner out. We felt slightly bad leaving Penelope on her birthday, but she had a blast with her grandparents and was totally fine. I had a moment when I was writing a post for her birthday, trying to read it to Mark on the drive to the restaurant, and started balling. There are so many unknown factors in life. We had no idea what Penelope would be like before we had her. Every day since she was born, we are finding out more about her, and watching her discover and create herself. What we've seen is the sweetest little girl shine and smile at the world every day. The morning we drove up to Calgary, I could hear her talk and sing to her toys, and I saw her pick things up and smile and laugh at them on her own , without being 'cued' by us to interact that way. Her natural state is so kind and sweet, and we couldn't be more grateful to know and love her. I cried tears of gratitude because we are so lucky. She's such a good person, and we love life with her. Thanks for being you, Penelope. Thanks for coming into the world when you did. We won the lottery with you! And I know your brother will be so sweet, happy and healthy having you to look up to.

35 Weeks. My belly got SOOO dry in Calgary and now I have little reddish dry lines on my belly -_- Now I have to stay on top of moisturizing, but I really noticed a change while we were there. I feel a lot of pressure down there after a busy and active weekend (lots of walking and errands). So now I am trying to be conscious of doing more kegels (everyone does a kegel while reading this). Our hospital bags are packed! We bought diapers and will move the furniture in his and our room around tonight. It's still a thrill to be bigger and further than ever before. 35 weeks! Baby is the size of a pineapple, and around 6 pounds!! Apparently my uterus has grown 100 times its size... I know we are in the home stretch. I feel good. I feel relaxed!

Finishing with gratitude:

- Witnessing the love around Penelope was so beautiful. She feels it, and I think she loves back really big too.

- Spending time with family and friends. Seeing my sister is always an extra bonus as she lives in Vancouver. My family is also so willing and happy to take care of Penelope, so Mark and I can get alone time when we visit. My dad wakes up with Penelope first thing, so Mark and I get a little extra sleep in - it's amazing.

- We have been parents for a year! It's a milestone. You learn so much so fast, and it's an accomplishment to come out a year later, feeling proud of our daughter, and still very much in love with eachother.

- Waking up to sun on the mountains and a clear Spring day! Spring is coming! Praise!!! Summer is incredible in Fernie. Mark and I are so excited to have our mobility back in action in time to enjoy outdoor weather. And the nice weather is a marker for a shift in gears.

- Home. It always feels good to be home. Even if there are bins and baby things everywhere - home is home.

- We got a freezer! Now I can stock up on meals for post-baby time! I am pumped. I will share the recipes I try out as I make them.

Thanks for reading! Sending love from the (sunnnnyyyy!!!!!) mountains!


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