36 Weeks

36 Weeks is another big milestone. After 36 weeks, we can deliver in Fernie. The hospital is 950m away from our house, and our birth doctor is an awesome woman we both like (and she came to my spin class too!) - so it is great news to know we are good to go! Baby is making great gains, I'm recovered from a little weekend virus and today was a gorgeous sunny day. There were a few days when I was a little sick and my body was so achy, all my muscles were sore, my sleep was off, my head hurt, my energy was at a low and I thought maybe this is close to the end? I felt really crappy. I wasn't sure how much of it was due to pregnancy, or the cold. Monday I felt way better, and again today I am totally back to normal. Nothing like coming back to a state of wellness...! Grateful to be 'up!' again after a restful weekend. Mark hustled to clean, cook, set up the crib, and 'nest' the house more, which allowed me to rest more than I have in a long time. Hugely beneficial to feeling better again.

Food Prep. The last week felt really productive, which also meant exhausting. But that's okay! I am constantly reminded by Mark, friends and my body that we are in the tail end. Here are the foods (and the recipes) I have made in recent weeks prepping for when baby 2 is here and we need to eat! So glad we bought a chest freezer to fill with all this food!

Pulled Pork

Beef Chili (my own recipe)

Beer Bread (SO worth trying. Easy and delicious)

Banana Bread (I don't add cinnamon*)

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup

Slow Cooker Chicken Burrito Bowl

Chicken Soup

Butternut Lentil Soup

Turkey Chili (my own recipe)

Energy Balls (my own recipe)

Birth Prep. Other ways I have been prepping for baby are with my daily relaxation hypnobirth tracks, watching birth videos, doing research on helping labour, posting my joyful birth affirmations all over the house, listening often to my joyful birth affirmations, and practicing bringing my body to a state to deep relaxation on my own. All of which, make me feel so calm, positive, and prepared about our beautiful birth. On top of that - our sons room is ready, his bassinet is prepped, our bags are packed, and Mark and I have gone over our action plan so we have a smooth and easy day when baby is ready to come. So now I keep breathing, relaxing, eating, and sleeping. Taking it easy when I can, and keeping an open heart for when he comes. Excited and happy!

PS to-be-mamas: I can send you the PDF I made of the joyful birth affirmations if you want to print and post them around your house, just message me!

I'm so grateful to be feeling as great as I do, and to be healthy and have a healthy family around me. I have struggled a bit with the challenge of having a baby to take care of both on the inside and the outside. I'd love to take Penelope on hikes, and put her in the ergo carrier, and generally just be more physical and energetic with her. I have to think that, she really doesn't know any different, and I am lucky for her natural easy-going state, and her willingness to play on her own, and to learn to crawl or communicate to me when she needs something. This summer will be so different, and I will be able to wrestle and hike and lay on the floor with her - and in the long run, it's a short period of time where I can't - but it's still something I think about when I feel limited in mobility/energy.

Ending in gratitude:

- The sun in shining! I am a Calgarian... so I crave and thrive off sunshine. So thankful that it's been coming out a bit more!

- Penelope is pretty much back to normal. She is eating good again! Smiling and open to people and places. We tried the Play Room today. Her first ball pit. She was stoked! We went to the park today and enjoyed the swings. I love how easily she laughs with us!

- Back to feeling well! Always the best feeling. Thank you body for being strong and coming back.

- Mark's hustle. He gave me rest this weekend and that is so valuable. He set up the crib - woo! On top of many other things, and still gave P and I lots of love and cuddles. We are really lucky.

- Short week! That means more time with Mark, and more time to rest. Win win!

- Hearing our sons heartbeat. Always a sweet sound at the doctors office. He's growing strong and moving all the time. I feel very connected to him, and know we will work together so well during his birth! We are in the last few weeks, which means weekly doctor appointments too. It's so surreal that we are here!

Thanks for reading! If you have any tips or good crock pot recipes, get at me!

Sending love from the mountains,


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