37 Weeks

Sunday marked 37 weeks for us. Full-term! That means if we were to have him today we wouldn't have to wait to take him home - which is all we know, after having Penelope at 34 weeks. Although we had a relatively short stay in the NICU, not taking our baby home after delivery was so heartbreaking some days. So we are feeling very happy to have made it to 37 weeks! It is different than 34 alright! Stretch marks are coming in (I didn't have any last time), doing anything is challenging (you should see me get off the couch), nausea, hunger, dizziness, rib pain, Braxton Hicks contractions are all symptoms I've been experiencing in the last week. All of it makes us feel like we are close! I've heard of people having consistent Braxton Hicks contractions for two weeks though, so I'm not holding my breath. But knowing he could come any day is exciting, and I feel ready!

I've had no energy to do any food prep (or anything), so I'm happy I tackled what I did when I had the motivation for it. Lately it has been lots of simple meals, and snacks (literally ALL THE TIME. Eating is like a job now. Less fun than it sounds) to combat nausea. Although I'm in the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy, Penelope is in the extra cute phase of being a baby.

It's been so fun interacting with her and watching her learn on her own everyday. She is copying so much more, and pointing and noticing new things every day (birds in the sky, trees swaying, people walking). She is very proud of her ability to clap, dance, blow, say different sounds, point out daddy in pictures, use a spoon, read books and cuddle her animals. It's easier to appreciate her cuteness when she is eating and sleeping like a pro too. It's nice she's in a good phase while I'm in a more challenging one. She seems willing to meet me half-way (sometimes more), to read a book, or come to another room instead of me picking her up.

Mark and I were able to get some quiet time together this weekend which was so sweet. We forgot how much we love hanging out together! Haha! We have so much effortless fun, it's just we have been too busy raising a human to enjoy those moments alone. It reminds us how important it is to have at least one date a month. We hadn't been alone in two months before this weekend and we agree that's too long! So new parents out there, don't forget to get that time together. It's worth whatever you need to organize/set in place to have those moments with your partner.

Nothing too crazy to report this time, so maybe in a week we will have had our son? Who knows! For now, I will end in gratitude:

- Sunday was SUN DAY! The sun came out and although it was around 9 degrees, I actually sunburnt my belly, neck and arms. But it felt GOOD. More of that please!

- Feeling good today! After a wack sleep and 'labour' symptoms - glad I feel back to (more) normal today.

- Having time to nap. I remember working and being annoyed at hearing people who had time to nap, so I'm sorry to do this, but I nap now and I love it. I'm thankful for that sweet long nap today. NAPS <3

- Time with Mark. Laughing so much. Holding hands. And having no plans. The best.

- Taking Penelope to the park, and seeing her explore the world. All with a smile. I love time with her!

- Family who take care of Penelope (and in turn, Mark and I). Thank you thank you thank you.

- We saw a movie - Boss Baby. It really doesn't look promising from the movie poster but we LMAO'd the whole time. Maybe that's just 'movie-deprived' parents with really low expectations and standards - but it was hilarious.

- Being full term. Baby is somewhere between 6 and 9 pounds according to The Bump. Some range if you ask me...!

Thanks for reading! Sending love from the mountains,


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