Yesterday I turned 26 years old. I was toying with what to write over the past few days, but also craving regular personal reflection. I since I was in high school, I've always had a journal to messily but thoughtfully write my goals, visions, gratitude, to dos, and the occasional emotional (crying emoji) reflection. It's never organized, but my vision and goals have always been consistent. At the moment I do not have a journal. It's so important that I am inspired by the book and want to touch it and open it! My next purchase when I'm in the city at Indigo (heart eyes emoji). I look forward to having that piece again in my life, so I can continue to have those internal reflections, moments of daily gratitude, and a place to put my vision.

When I was 21, I started working at lululemon 4th St. At the time, they were under construction so we were in a temp space on 17th ave. Within the first 3 times of me going to work, there was a staff meeting. It was early in the morning, and we moved the clothing to the sides of the room to make space for a short yoga class to start things out right! I'd never experienced this kind of work culture, or staff treatment. It was incredible. After some yoga, Kirsty Gray led us through a 10 year visualization. We sat in a circle, journals on our laps, eyes closed, room quiet. She led us through many questions to reflect internally, and create a vision for our dream life 10 years from now. It was paced beautifully, and my vision was so bright and clear. To this day, it beams from my heart, is splashed on my vision boards, tumblr, journals, and heart - becoming more and more real every day. I remember she started it with us visualizing waking up on the perfect Sunday. What did it feel like? Who was with you? What did it sound like? What was out your bedroom window? Each question framing more and more of what our life would be like. I loved it so much. Once we were finished, we wrote down as much as we could remember. Some people shared what they experienced in their visualization, and I learned that around half the room either had completely conflicting visions, or no clear one at all. I felt lucky to have felt something so real and bliss filled that continues to direct my life journey.

Today marks the half-way point to that original 10 year vision. I don't think life should be measured by I must have X by age Y, and I can tell you I have so much to grow and continue on my path, but living right now, and having so much of that vision in my life already makes me so grateful, proud and happy. It reminds me how important it is to continue to create a vision in my life. To think about what else I want to create, grow, experience, share. I need that direction, and I don't want to get lost in the daily busy-ness of feeding/eating/sleeping right now. As I write this, my babies are napping (Woo!!!), but there are approximately 30-100 popcorn kernels on the floor (I missed the bin -_-), and 90% of our children's books are peppered around our living room. #REALNESS

I can't remember if I've shared my PIE OF CARES? Here it is. Everyone has a pie of cares. In it, are the things we care about and do. It is somewhat finite. I found after having Penelope, she took up a very large portion of my pie of cares, and out of it went things like what my hair looks like, what others think,

time to shop for things not food, and general personal upkeep. It also refers to time. We have 24 hours each day. You can only complete or care about so many things in that day. With two kids now, I have to be even choosier (I also know that it is temporary - as the kids get older, they become more independent, and take time differently). So today, I choose dishes, attempting to nap (too wired on a large coffee, so no dice, but at least quiet time!!), writing a blog post, and maybe 2-3 more things tonight (dinner, bike ride, relax time with Mark). You will notice in today's pie, I did not shower/do makeup, do laundry, floors, or exercise (yet, fingers crossed). I just want to be real and honest about what it's like. Spit up crusted on my shoulder? Yeah. But it's a sunny day, I ate beautiful nutritious food and my kids are simultaneously napping (exciting, believe me!). Our pie of cares changes all the time, but a full pie is a full life, and that's a beautiful thing.

Signing off in gratitude:

- Getting love for my birthday. So many people texted, messaged, called to make me feel special, loved and acknowledged on my birthday. Every single one felt so nice, and I am grateful to have so many great people in my sphere.

- Summer weather. It continues to get greener, fuller, flowery-er here in Fernie and it's amazing! This is the time a year ago that Mark interviewed for his job at Fernie Brewing Company, and we fell in love. Dinner on the patio at Nevados, friendly young families every where, green mountains - this place continues to be a Canadian paradise. I love living here!

- Running shoes!! AH!!! Confession. I had the same running shoes for 4 years... I climbed Machu Picchu in them...3 years ago.... So I was ready for a new pair. I am SOOOO happy to get this beautiful of inspiration and health. To make me even more motivated to run, walk and move. Thank you my love (MT)!

- Brie, She came and visited this weekend! Staying with a family with two babies isn't exactly relaxing - even if you're in Fernie hahaha. So I'm grateful for her attitude and pressence and help! And time with one of my besties. You rock.

- BBQ SEASON. We had our first BBQ. There were tiny people running/falling/eating everywhere but it was still a blast. Who doesn't love summer BBQs??

- Growing babies. Elliot is chunking up fast and it makes me so happy he is eating and growing well. His squishy cheeks make my heart sing!!

- Wine walk with my gal pals Saturday night. Walking around the dike, kids in bed, wine in hand. V CHILL.

Thanks for reading!

Sending love from the mountains,


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