2 Month Update

It's been a little longer since my last post and I apologize! I think a combination of doing lots, but nothing too wild to write about! Tomorrow marks 2 months since Elliot was born, so I thought an update was in order.

He is growing into such an observant, sweet and chill boy! He is sliding into a nice sleep routine without much hassle and we are very grateful for that. He can sleep in a 6-9 hour chunk every night now. I am doing a later dream feed (the last feed of the night before we go to bed around 10 or 11 usually), so he will sleep 7ish hours from there and give us a solid chunk. At his 8 week check up he was pretty close to average for height and weight! I was shocked because he is fitting 3-6 month clothes, but I guess that's normal! Healthy happy growing boy regardless, so I am thankful! He really loves our doctor. Always so relaxed and happy to see Dr. Forrest! Who wouldn't with a name like that! In Fernie no less! We plopped him into the Bumbo (a weird foam chair moulded for babies) yesterday and he likes to sit in that for a couple minutes now! Still not a fan of tummy time, but that will come. He loves lying next to Penelope and seeing and hearing her play. He started smiling at me talking to him and it is the best feeling! He was so stoic and serious for a while so it's nice to see him lighten up and look like he is enjoying the party! Penelope knows Elliot is her brother and that he likes to sleep lots and be calm. She snuggles up to him and like to show us how nice she can lay next to him. It's dang cute!

Last Saturday marked our first mountain climb as a family. Castle mountain. A good challenge with our 20 pound weight vest children (Elliot + backpack = 20 pounds ish)! It was such a milestone for us! Laying Elliot on the forest floor was so great. He kicked and wiggled in bliss. Penelope crawled in the dirt in our little spotted shade spot at the top. She ate a peanut butter sandwich and discovered how good chocolate chips are. Mark carried two tall cans of the Fernie Brew Co. Witbier in an ice pack and it was easily the tastiest and most rewarding beer I've had in a LONG time. Of course when we packed up both kids lost their shit, but they quickly fell back asleep in their ergo/bjorn packs on the way down.


My dad, Trish and Brody came up for Father's day a few weeks ago. It's always nice for the kids to get more time with family, and Penelope loves the extra attention. She is very eager to show off her new 'walking' skills (she side pushes her little red jeep - she hasn't done any free standing yet!) and word recognition in her books. I have found since she started gaining more strides towards walking, her language has slowed down a bit. This is normal with development but I think both parties get more frustrated when we don't know what she wants. She will point and yell to get her point across any time though! Mark's one wish was to go fishing so we all went down to a river bank to watch him sport his dad sandals n' socks and try to catch a fish. No fish but I know he was happy to get out! We also got a hike in - overall, great weekend!


It's been about just about 3 weeks since my last post. I wear my fitbit everyday to see my activity levels to compare with how I'm feeling. In weeks 1 and 3 since I last posted, we were active more than 4 times/week and felt a big difference. The days where I got my step goal not only felt like a gold star/pat on the back, but I always felt more energized and happy. We are so lucky to be under 10 minutes away from amazing mountains and hikes so we love taking advantage of our location. It's too easy! Sometimes if it means the kids go down to bed 30-45 minutes later than normal, it's still worth it to us to get outside and doing something active. Since I last blogged, I also tried block sprints. It's been maybe years since I last did any. It felt so good. I went out alone after the kids went down one night, and thought I would be able to spring 2-3 street blocks at a time. Not exactly! I was optimistic! One block was a challenge, but the high I got from doing 10 sets was crazy! Lying on my deck stretching (a must) after it was euphoric. I don't think I can sprint more than once a week, and I was definitely sore for a few days - but it's something that I get really excited about and want to keep trying!


Yesterday I was fortunate to get to lead a vision session for the spin/yoga/barre/fitness instructors for Soar Studios in Fernie. Sharing tools of how to create a clear vision for life is something I am so passionate about. I get excited/nervous/happy to speak and create space for this magical thing to be born. Taking a group of people through a vision of what their lives can look like 10 years from now is so thrilling. It's something I know I want to do more of, and want to make it a part of my life by the end of 2017. I'm sharing this to be held accountable to my goals and dreams and things that scare the shiza out of me!

"If not now, when? If not me, who?"

I will end in gratitude:

- OMG the kids are getting so good at twin napping. I've had about an hour here with both of them sleeping. Savouring the minutes!

- Elliot's smile. I feel my heart bubble over when he makes eye contact and gives me a big open mouth smile! Seeing his personality develop is so neat!

- Summiting. We climbed to the top of a mountain - finally! We have been far and we have been close to the tops of mountains, but sitting on top just the four of us was such a gift. Looking forward to more of those.

- Hot weather. It's dang hot in Fernie when it's hot!! I know Saskatoon Berries are beginning to bud too, and that means Saskatoon crumbles (something we did nearly every night in july last year hahahaha). The pathways are lined with saskatoon berry trees! It's divine.

- Our porch. We love sitting, eating, playing crib and hanging out on our front porch. Friends pop by on their walks and bike rides and it's the best small town feeling.

- A clean house. You know you're a mom when.... It really is an awesome feeling though! We did approximately 34 loads of laundry, put that shit away (accomplishment amirite), and did some other much needed tidyings. Couldn't have done it without Mark!

- Bach is back on. Say what you want the show brings PEOPLE TOGETHER! No other show or movie allows for that kind of commentary, right? It's so good.

- Green everywhere. The plants are loving life in Fernie. It's an instant feel good feeling walking among the trees and flowers. I try to do it every day.

Thanks for reading!

Sending love from the mountains,


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