With the eclipse and the beginning signs of Fall, I am seeing so many changes in our family as well as in others around me. In Fernie, the days reach 30 degrees almost every day, but the nights are cold and the mornings are taking longer to warm up. The trees are turning yellow and kids have officially returned to school. As I write this, I am sitting on our porch eating an apple in silence as the kids nap. Behind me is our house. It is currently full of boxes and bins - many half full, taking up play areas and bedrooms as we prepare for a move! The opportunity for a slightly bigger/slightly newer home popped up down the street so we are preparing ourselves for a move in October. The home we are in right now has been so good to us. The things I won't miss are the very creaky and dangerous stairs, the pioneer dishwasher (me and Mark), and the 'no door to the master bedroom'. The things I will miss are the big porch I am sitting on right now, the wood-burning fireplace in the living room (although so much work to actually use...), and the feel of our first home in Fernie where we added Elliot to our lives. I'm grateful for the memories and warmth of this space, but so excited for change too! We are lucky to move closer to my best friend and her son (P's bestie also), to still be in the sweet neighborhood we are in, and to get a dishwasher praaaaaaaaaiisee hallluellughueoshgudbkjdfbjs YAS. Change is good!

Considering we have two little bugs crawling around all the time, I think we are doing a great job of organizing and prepping for the move - but I will report back once the move is done... The last time I thought we had it nailed down we were packing till 6AM before move day soooooo... yeah. One thing about moving a year and a bit later is seeing what you actually use in that time. It was a good barometer to see the things we no longer need in our lives. Which turned out to be a lot! Lots of things going to the thrift store, the recycling depot, and to Elk Valley Garage Sale - ha! Purging stuff is the best feeling.

Today was also a vaccination update (They were both great and cried for less than 30 seconds!). Elliot is now four months, and Penelope is almost 1.5 years old. Elliot started rolling and having HUGE belly laughs last week. And we also went to the hotel pool which he loved to chill in. Penelope still isn't walking, but is practicing free standing (mostly on the couch). She is currently obsessed with the Finding Dory exersaucer, which we brought out for Elliot. She looks hilarious in it, but whatever! Now that Penelope is getting older, I know she needs more time with other kids. I am SO excited to say we got a spot in a dayhome - for once a week to start. This will be really great for all of us. Penelope gets to socialize and play with kids and to tire herself out away from home, Elliot gets more one-on-one time with me, and I get more breaks to do things non-mom related things in the day. Before our road trip out to the coast, and the family visit on Labour Day Weekend, it was getting really hard. I could tell Penelope wasn't getting enough stimulation and excitement because she needed a lot less rest. She was bored and becoming harder to handle. Our routine just felt like it wasn't enough, so I am excited to get to have a day for her to grow and play, and for me to have time with just Elliot too. It's been challenging with the smoke, and also feeling limited with activities I can do on my own with two non-walking kids. It's such a short period of life that will be like this, so I enjoy it when I can, but I am ready to shake things up. Looking forward to the many positive changes coming to us now.

Soar Studio opens up this weekend, and I am finally ready to get back to teaching spin. My heart is soaring literally!!! Anxious about getting back, I went for a run-through on the bike alone last night. Mic on, music blasting, although no one was there - I still got chills down my back and I pretended to have my people there with me. It felt good to know it is exactly 'just like riding a bike', and that I still have the ability to go with the flow when I am up there. I am so grateful and excited to be teaching at YYC Cycle this Saturday in my old spot time (just chance!) 9:15AM in the Kensington studio. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces there!

This past weekend we had a lot of family in town which was awesome. Lots of hands for help, but also some of the best nights I've ever had with my siblings. Mark and I planned an Amazing Race for them, we went to the pool, played at home, and went on a couple hikes around Fernie. It was a blast! I love being proud of Fernie and excited to share it with people. It's a good feeling.

Our road trip. It was a couple weeks ago now, but it was awesome! We drove out to Victoria for some time with my bestie Lindsay and her new baby ANDERSYN!! They are my second family and being there felt like home. Spending time on the island was magical. We went jet-skiing when kids napped, flew a kite, played board games and cuddled babies. What more could we want? Being near the ocean felt great. It made me want to spend time on a boat or island for extended time one day. It truly is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Passing through Vancouver on each end, we stayed with my sister Sierra and her boyfriend, Kit. They have the cutest apartment in downtown Van. I love staying with them. We went out for tacos, played in the park, went to the beach and made a big brunch. I love visiting Vancouver, but being in the city was intense. Before kids I LOVED the rush and the busy-ness. Seeing so many stores and people and things to do was exciting, but visiting this time made me realize how much my perspective has changed. I never thought I'd want to live in a small town, but now I LOVE the town we are in. And even more, I dream of having a little chunk of land to grow veggies on, have a couple chickens for eggs, and let the kids play in a big yard, and hopefully be off the grid... WHO AM I? I don't know but that's what my heart is telling me! Less traffic, more trees... I still love Vancouver and especially Calgary, but it's amazing where my head and heart are these days.

Overall, the kids were fantastic travellers. We travelled in the night when we could, and even when we had a 2 sail wait to get on a ferry, Penelope was kept at bay watching Space Jam and eating many many Arrowroot cookies. We brought their pack and plays, noise machines, sleep sacks, and stuffed Elephant with us and they were good to go wherever we were. I can't sleep with kids in our room, so sometimes one kid was in a bathroom or office. It worked so whatever! Penelope definitely ate more squeeze food tubes, fries and buns than usual but you roll with it! It's vacation! Sometimes naps aren't as long or at the right time, but letting that go helped enjoy the trip for sure. Nothing crazy enough to mess up their nights so we were happy. Good job, kids!

September is shaping up to be a busy but exciting month. I have locked in a second time to run a Vision and Goal-Setting Workshop at Kootenay Life Cycle in Cranbrook (SO EXCITED!), we have two Alberta weddings, a house to move, Strong Start for the kids (BC program for babies and toddlers), and spin to return to. Everything is unfolding amazingly, and like every girl ever: I am so freakin excited for Fall.

Ending in gratitude:

- A spot a a day-home for Penelope. Such a blessing in so many ways.

- Cool nights. Better sleeps. No fan. Yessss

- Memories from the long weekend. I feel closer to my brothers and I had such a fun weekend. The nights on the porch were so special. Also not many people get to watch their mom and step-mom hike together with the pack. It is so cool! My family is incredible!

- Grateful for time with my friends on the coast - to meet Andi and to have some time with Lila too!

- Back to spin. My jam. My zone. So pumped to be back up there! In Calgary and in Fernie - how lucky am I!!!

- Getting rid of stuff we no longer need. Less is more! - Health. Although Elliot has a runny nose, we are all well and we are thankful for it. Life is good.

Sending love from the mountains!


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