Vegan Green Queen to University Bro

I start most of my days with a superfood green smoothie, with a matcha or coffee, then as the day goes my choices worsen, and by 8PM I eat more like a first year university bro. Does anyone else do this? Why? Is it a matter of having energy to care by the end of the day? Am I too clean in the morning then my body is like WHERE THE SALT AT? So strange.

It takes so much energy to have full reigns on your life. To make good decisions at every decision making point. It's tough! I generally apply the 80/20 rule but right now it feels more like 60/40 good/poor choices. I am 400% more inspired to cook fresh colourful food when it's sunny and beautiful out. To stand in the kitchen and feel sun on my skin - I could cook and play with food for hours. The bleak weather takes me to melting cheese on various forms of carbohydrates. Multiple times a day. SHIT.

How do you get on a health kick? Is that even a good thing to do? Strict eating 80 percent of the time? Or Whateva all the time? What influences you?

Things that inspire me to eat great:

- netflix documentaries/shows

- sunshine

- fresh produce

- some instagram accounts (@leefromamerica, @shutthekaleup to name a couple)

- new cook books

- wellness books

- working out

Things that take me to melting cheese bro zone:

- late nights

- watching tv/movies

- running out of produce in the house

- winter

- being tired

- lack of sunshine

- hormones? idk

Writing this is good for me. It gets me thinking and feeling and wanting to feel great and eat well.

Let's share our inspiration though. What are your greatest sources of keeping you healthy and accountable? Hit me up. In this gloomy weather I could use all the inspo I can get.

Ending in gratitude:

- Mark brought me a matcha this am!

- I had an amazing sleep

- No plans this evening

- No plans this weekend

- Having time to write feels good.

- I'm grateful for my litebook

- Time to meditate

- Kids played well at Strong Start

- We are healthy and well

Sending love from the mountains,


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