Have you heard the quote "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly."? I was pondering it today when I was having my moment of quiet, feeling intense joy and lightness in my heart. With the arrival of Spring, I feel this warmth filling my soul again. After coming out of a truly dark winter, I can relate to this proverb more than ever. Feeling this goodness, this strength and glow back in my heart, I look back to the last months with gratitude. Recognizing it as the time I was in a cocoon. A stuck, cold, limiting space, feeling ever so permanent in that stuck-ness, and as it reached a precipice, a crack happened. Light came in again. I could open up. Breath. Stretch. Move. Fly again. Spring is here. I am a butterfly! Smiling is easy. Breathing is full. Joy is flowing.

Life really ebbs and flows. Just like the seasons. I feel that more and more as I grow. And still, it's hard to realize that and embrace that impermanence - in good times and harder times. Thanking life for all has to bring. The harder times sure make the sweeter times feel even sweeter. More appreciation comes with maturation, with hardship, and time. I hope as I age, my gratitude continues to expand.

I look out my window. The mountains lit up with Monday morning sun. Green is slowly but surely poking out. I have excitement and pep in my step as I prepare to embark on something new. Tomorrow I am teaching my trial run barre class for fellow instructors in town. The vulnerability of putting myself out there is really electrifying. I fell in love with barre this year. It made me feel feminine, strong, flowy and happy. I'm so happy I made the choice to teach. I'm excited to put my remix on it. To share the joy, and grow with something new. That newness is thrilling.

I hope if I feel stuck, limited, stagnent, or low again, that I take another leap. Learn another thing. Teach another thing. Do something different to feel something different. And ride that wave of starting fresh and being new again. Because it is an amazing way to feel very alive again. Just like babies and toddlers have fresh eyes on the world - the beauty and buzz of it - do something to get that new fresh perspective again. Travel. Learn something new. Do something different. I'll leave you with another proverb (I'm so deep today guys): The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

Plant the tree. Go for it. Do it before you're ready. 'Ready' is a false security blanket. You get 'ready' after you've been doing it for a while anyways.


Sending love from the mountains,


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