A Month Disconnected

Tomorrow will mark the end of my month without social media. I thought I would make a final reflection on my time without my SM accounts. Overall, I think this time has been positive and revealing. From the first days of reaching for my phone without realizing it more than 10 times a day - to now: I don't reach or think to open anything automatically. When I take photos or videos I don't feel my brain ticking, pre-occupied, at where/how I'll post it. That has been nice and refreshing. I do feel my brain still wants to consume something. Anything. It just wants information and wants it quick. That's something I try to sit with, or actually just do something else instead of grasp at something on the internet. All this being said, we are currently looking for a new place to live. I didn't know this before, but the best place to find a rental home in Fernie is on Facebook. So the last week I had to use facebook to find a place to live. As convenient as this could seem, I was bummed that it was so critical to have in order to find a home. Childcare or babysitting is the same. I would catch myself a couple times just automatically scrolling on the home page before being realizing that I was doing it, and then go to the rental page. Just that need to check in and respond to messages about homes definitely made me feel more anxious, but a big part of that is looking for a place, which is natural.

As nice as the break has been, I do miss the connection. Seeing what other people and friends are doing in other places. So much of my network is outside of where we live, and I miss that because I'm not on social media. I really enjoy sharing and I love connecting on instagram. I will bring that back. I think I will just have more a schedule for myself to keep the balance. I think spending a day or two signed out of everything is healthy. For me I might only go on social media between 12-5. It's something I'll navigate but stay in tune with my usage. I don't want me holding my phone or me staring at a screen to be my kids' memories of me, so it's something I want to be very aware of.

I've always said the internet is this wild, massive thing, but at the end of the day - you can really make it what you want. You can control what apps you have, what notifications you allow, what privacy you enforce, what you share, what you consume, who you follow, and who you allow to follow you. Just know you have that power, and if it's not positive for you, step away to think, and make the necessary changes.

I feel so lucky to have received so much love, support and positivity through these platforms. And for this, I am excited to go back in balance.

Have you taken a social media break? What was it like? What were your take-aways?

Thank you for reading and see you soon.

Sending love from the mountains,


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